North Shore Senior High School Tutorials

  • After School Tutorials

    Students will need to obtain a tutorial pass from the designated tutorial destination during the day. Students will then need to leave the school building through the front entrance, bus ramp or side doors next to the 700 hallway if students exit from the North Side of the building; if exiting from the South Side students will need to exit through the Sout Side exit doors right after dismisal at 2:30pm until 2:40pm where they will be let into the school with a valid tutorial pass. Students may only re-enter the building at the bus ramp or South Side entrance. Students without passes will not be allowed to re-enter the school building after school hours unless escorted by activity sponsor or current tutorial teacher. Tutorial pass will also serve as a bus pass for those requiring transportation home. Students still need a valid school ID badge to re-enter the building for tutorials and for transportation on the bus.

    Teacher Master Tutorial Schedule

    Saturday Tutorials

    Saturday Tutorials start Feb. 22nd
    February 22nd – 10th and 11th Reading
    March 1st – TAKS Math (retesters)
    March 22nd – ELA (10th/11th) Writing
    May 3rd – U.S. History and Math/Science (10th)

    Bus Schedule