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  • January Parent Connect Newsletter

    Galena Park ISD is deeply committed to offering excellent educational experiences for our students, and we want to keep parents/guardians informed of upcoming events, successes and happenings in GPISD.

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  • Removal of Unauthorized/Disruptive Persons

    As of August 26, 2018 all school districts are subject to the Commissioner’s new rules regarding the removal of a disruptive person from a campus. More information regarding this new rule can be found in Chapter 37, section 37.105 of the Texas Education Code, which addresses: Unauthorized Persons, Refusal of Entry, Ejection, and Identification.

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  • Blackboard Parentlink Notification System - TCPA

    Galena Park ISD regularly provides mass notifications to parents, guardians, students, and faculty regarding weather closures, threat situations, event scheduling, or to provide other important education-related information. These messages not only drive positive educational outcomes, they can also save lives.

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    8th  3:01   PM - 3:51    PM

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