Dr. Gerald D. Cobb 6th Grade Campus Student Council

  • Purpose/Rationale
    The Cobb 6th Grade Campus is an organization formed to promote school spirit, communication between child, teacher, administrator, parent and community. The organization is dedicated to community service and service to fellow students at Cobb. The organization functions as the student government and services as host at school functions such as special assemblies, plays, PTA meetings, parent night, and school fairs.

    The name of the organization is the Gerald D. Cobb 6th Grade Campus Student Council.

    Membership and Selection Process
    Students on the council serve as role models and should meet the council requirements. Grades, conduct, school spirit, responsibility, and effort should be considered. Each social studies class will elect one representative.


    -Passing in all subjects

    -No severe office referrals or "N" or "U" in conduct
    -Must be willing to work hard and be committed to the success of the student council
    -Must be able to attend monthly meetings - Thursday mornings at 7:45

    -No more than two each semester

    -Members must purchase their own t-shirts
    -T-shirts are to be worn to all meetings and other student council functions

    Students host, greet, pass out programs, usher, and give directions at school functions. Students will conduct drives that support community organizations and create poster campaigns to foster school spirit.

    Students solicit and present student body concerns during monthly meetings. Students are given opportunities to contribute suggestions for activities at Cobb, ways to promote exemplary cougar behavior, and reward systems. Students ear merit points for good deeds such as attendance at school functions and helping teachers.

    Communication between Faculty and Staff
    Students will canvas student opinions, make personal observations, and provide input to the administration from the student body. The administration may seek student reactions to ideas for activities and rewards.

    Meeting Times and Procedures
    The council meets before school, monthly at 7:45 on Thursdays. Student Council members earn points for attendance at meetings and participation in school functions. Merit points will be recorded each nine weeks and tabulated at the end of the year to determine the outstanding representatives, the Cougar Award recipients. Two representatives will receive the award. A plaque will be engraved with the students' names for the Cougar Award.

    Removal from Membership
    A member may be removed from membership for three unexcused absences from student council meetings, school misconduct, and/or failure to perform an assigned task.

    If a student must be removed the following procedure will be observed:
    1. Records reviewed.
    2. Sponsors will meet with the student.
    3. Decision will be made.
    4. Social studies teacher will be informed.

    Parent Notification
    If a student stays after school for a student council activity, the parent will be notified.

    Officers and Duties

    The president presides over all meetings, sets the agenda which has been approved by the sponsors, represents the council, appoints committees, and performs other appropriate duties.

    Vice-President of Membership
    The vice-president of membership presides in the absence of the president, assists witht he programs, and assists in the tabulations of service points.

    Vice-President of Projects
    The vice-president of projects selects the project committee witht he assistance of the president, solicits project ideas from the membership, writes descriptions of the project ideas, and submits the project plans to the sponsors, to the principal, and then to the council.

    The secretary keeps records and minutes of all the meetings, including officer meetings and committee meetings, reads the minutes at each council meeting & records the agenda.