Sam Houston

  • Our history began with the 2005 bond program passing in GPISD. It provided for the 15th elementary school to be built in close proximity of the GPISD administration building. This elementary was zoned to serve students who have attended North Shore Elementary and Cloverleaf Elementary. Planning for this new school began in 2006, and the Principal, Ofelia Garza was selected in November of 2006. The school was named "Sam Houston Elementary" by the GPISD Board of Trustees at their December 11, 2006 meeting. The school colors, navy blue and silver, and mascot Rams were selected by the staff members. In 2011, Michelle Cavazos was named principal of Sam Houston Elementary.

    Sam Houston Elementary is a Title 1 campus. Our enrollment for the 2022-23 school year was at 710. The current student population is 1.2 % African-American, 3.4% Anglo, 0.4% American Indian, 0.5 % Asian, 94% Hispanic. Our economic disadvantage population is 93.7%. 

    The campus is organized in self-contained classrooms in the primary grades (PK-2nd).  In the upper grades (3rd-5th), the classes are scheduled as team teaching.  The team-teaching consists of one Language Arts and Social Studies teacher and one Mathematics and Science teacher. Our Emergent Bilingual students are serviced through the One-Way Dual Language 50/50 model where instruction is delivered in English and Spanish in alternating languages each week. Students participate in music, PE, art, library, and technology/STEM & Coding classes once a week. 

    We have multiple student clubs and organizations, including RAMS Boys club, Little Miss Girls club, Robotics club, Soccer club, Art club, National Elementary Honor Society, Principal-Student Advisory club, Academic Meet club, Dual Language Club, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Spanish Spelling Bee, Tech club, and Choir.

    We earned an A rating for our 2022 state accountability performance on the STAAR assessment, including four distinctions: Academic Achievement in Reading, Academic Achievement in Science, Top 25% Comparative Closing the Gap, and Post-Secondary Readiness. 

    Our daily schedule consists of all students beginning their day with a Strong Start. Teachers lead students in daily morning practices and routines that build community and student engagement. The practices and routines are focused on our campus's core beliefs and graduate aims. 


    Core Belief 1: Well-being is prioritized. As educators, we have a significant impact on the well-being of our students. We nurture the whole child - socially, emotionally, and academically to instill a foundation for the child's overall success.

    Core Belief 2: Equity leads to personalization and advocacy. Equity means providing every student the opportunity to reach their highest potential by meeting their academic and social-emotional needs. Students are encouraged and supported to advocate for their needs.

    Core Belief 3: Everyone is responsible for the culture. We create a safe learning environment that contributes to everyone feeling a sense of belonging, trust, and connection with each other through relationship building, collaboration, systems, and practices. These conditions empower everyone to take risks and have ownership of positive school culture.

    Core Belief 4: Children model after adults. Children's behavior is often learned by watching adult behavior. We model appropriate behavior and implement restorative practices for students to learn from their actions and experiences.


    Creative Problem Solvers: I keep trying and don’t give up until I find a solution. I stop, think, and then resolve. 

    Academic Scholars: I am responsible and try my best at everything I do. I use my knowledge and skills to solve difficult situations.

    Resilient Learners: I do not give up and I learn from my mistakes. 

    Global Citizens: I respect, value, and embrace others’ differences. 

    Compassionate Collaborators: I respect and work nicely with others, actively listen, and make others feel loved.