North Shore Senior High School Volunteering

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    • Greeter
    • Hall Monitor
    • Library Assistant
    • Office Assistant
    • Guest Speaker
    • or other important person at our school
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    • Short-term and Long-term

    "It takes a village"!  There is a place and fit for you in the "Mustang Village on Castlegory". Please JOIN our village.  For more information call or email Lois Price 832-386-4829,

    Mustang Village Training Center
    North Shore Senior High School
    Mustang Village – “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”

    The North Shore Senior High School’s Volunteer program: “Mustang Village – It takes a Village to raise a Child” has evolved from a Parent Volunteer/Mentor Program to become a key component to the safety and security of all our students. Through the Mustang Volunteer Training Center (Room 177), the volunteers are trained mainly in interacting with students and assisting administrators with students and dress code policies.  Additional duties include greeting students and guest at our entry doors and providing additional adult supervision in the hallways.  The support our volunteers provide is monumental to the success of our campus.

    Due to recent national exposure of violence in our school (i.e. Columbine High School in Colorado, Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut and recently Spring High School in Houston) our Volunteers are required to receive trainings on “Standard Response Protocol” and “Safety and Security.” The nature of times has forced us to take action because it’s not just a matter of student safety, but the safety of mother, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. We are all in this together.   The Mustang Village Training Center’s Volunteer & Community Involvement Coordinator, Mrs. Lois Price states “ I would like to see our North Shore Senior High School campus spotlighted as the “Model Campus” in our GPISD, with trained faculty, staff and community volunteers responding to any crisis situation that might occur in the unforeseen future.  We would welcome other campuses in the District, and surrounding districts, to examine and tour our campus as a model example of all the support and warm-bodies needed to embrace the link of protection needed for our campus.“

    The Mustang Village Training Center is equipped with safety cones, flashlights, paddle signs, walkie-talkies, whistles, safety vests, disposable gloves, First Aid kits to help identify our Volunteers as they work in conjunction with our Administrators and Constables.  The Volunteers receive a Volunteer Handbook, they must receive a training course in: How to approach and greet our students, dress code violations, how to identify an Intruder, Suspicious activity, Identification of our badge color codes and they must apprehend the terms: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate or Shelter in Place.  The Volunteers are taught by Dr. Cheryl Vital, Mr. Kenneth Bryant-NSSH Assistant Principal, Mr. Ricky Nicholson- NSSH Assistant Principal, Mrs. Lois Price and three (3) Precinct # 3 Constables.   Recently several new components have been added, Mustang Village has collaborated with Faith-based organizations to provide the “Let’s Talk About It” program where students can speak with trained volunteers during their lunch break to discuss bullying, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Depression and Suicide.    A database of over 100 Volunteers as Emergency “2nd Responders”-Volunteers to be called in the event of a Catastrophic situation at our area schools.   This year, the Mustang Village Training Center offered a Community-wide First Aid, CPR and AED Trainings and certifications on Saturday, September 21st sponsored by North Channel EMS Specialist providing the training. Over 60 individuals of all ages, from our Community, and GPISD employees earned three (3) certifications and CEU’s credits.  There is a waiting list for a second class to start in October and the final class in November.  In the Spring, the Training Center will offer a series of Self – Defense classes for GPISD employees and the community.

    Our Theme for Mustang Village is “Raising the Bar to the Next Level- Safety and Security”.