All About Excellence
  • Contact Information:

    Wanna Giacona - 
    Chief Administrative Officer

    Ana Salinas, Admin. Assistant      832-386-1203

    Elizabeth Lalor - 
    Deputy Superintendent for Educational Support & School Administration

    Michelle Flores, Admin. Assistant      832-386-1224

    Terri Moore - 
    Associate Superintendent for Accountability and Academic Support

    Tresa Orphey, Admin. Assistant      832-386-1044

    David Harris, Ed.D. - 
    Assistant Superintendent for School Administration

    Rocio Garza, Admin. Assistant         832-386-1071

    Christopher Pichon, Ed.D. -
    Executive Director for School Administration and Principal Development

    Keyla Santos, Admin. Assistant      832-386-1066

    Ella Moreaux -
    Executive Director for Educational Support

    Elizabeth DeSantiago, Admin. Assistant      832-386-1170

    Mechelle Epps, Ed.D. -
    Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services

    Melissa Morin, Admin. Assistant    832-386-1033

    Myra Castaneda - 
    Director for Educational Support

    Katrina Flores, Admin. Assistant    832-386-1506 

    Nicole Johns -
    Program Director for School Support

    Linda Martinez, Admin. Assistant    832-386-1160

Galena Park I.S.D. Educational Support Department

  • The purpose of the Educational Support Department is to support campuses.

    Our vision is to enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to survive and thrive in today's world by providing expert support and a culture of excellence to all Galena Park I.S.D. Campuses.

    We value Professionalism, Teamwork, Integrity and Respect.