Shared Residency Information

  • Shared Residency Application
    This is for individuals who cannot produce a lease or reside with a friend/family member.  A new Shared Residency Application is required for each school year.  A completed online form along with all required documents must be attached for approval.  A valid email address is required.  You will be notified via email if your Shared Residency Application is complete and approved.

    You must attach the following to the online application:

    • Parent/Guardian Driver's license or other issued ID
    • Homeowner/Landlord/Lessee Driver's license or other issued ID
    • Valid light/gas/water bill or lease in the Homeowner/Landlord/Lessee's name (No disconnect notices)

    Shared Residency ApplicationThe link will reopen on Monday, July 15

    You will have to complete Returning Student Verification or New Student Enrollment to fulfill the requirements of registration.  If the parent/guardian has a valid light/gas/water bill or lease in their name, you DO NOT have to complete a Shared Residency Application.